After 25 years serving as an Executive Chef for universities across the country, I decided it was time for a change.  I wanted to invest in something worthwhile.  I wanted to invest in something I could give to my family.  My family includes my parents, my wife, and my kids. 

 I started to research various options when I ran into the advertisement for The Nightshade Inn and Gardens. 

 Family owned and operated from the start, The Nightshade was handed down to the son of the original owner.  Mark and his wife, Makia had been traveling the world; and investing time in horticultural studies while living in the Pacific Northwest.  Mark and Makia returned to the Central New York Finger Lakes region where they would take over ownership of Mark’s families motel, The Nightshade. 

 The Inn, nestled in the front of the family farm, is a novel type of business these days.  In a time of corporate everything, it’s great to think that such sweet Mom and Pop type businesses still exist.  Mark and Makia understood this from similar places they had admired in the Pacific Northwest.  They were proud to make The Nightshade their home.  From the farm, Mark and Makia practiced the permaculture techniques they had become certified in and ran a farm stand where they sold their tomatoes with “pride” saying that the tomato was their favorite “nightshade” 

 Mark and Makia are ready to move into another phase of their life, another adventure.  So they have decided to hand The Nightshade over to a new owner. 

My family and I are originally from Punjab India.  We come from a long agricultural tradition, generationally.  Agriculture is in our hearts from the start.

 With our background experience in food, farms, and culture we plan continue to make updates to The Nightshade.  We will continue in the same way as Mark and Makia did, with our eye set on sustainability, organic use of property, generosity, and excellence in hospitality. 

 We will also have our eye on community.  Local resources and relationships are the heart and soul of our plan.  Village style community is a blessing.  We want to be an endearing landmark, along with so many others here, nestled in this corner of The Finger Lakes.  We plan on building strong ties with local artists, farms, markets, and shops from which we will do our business with.  The idea of a boutique addition to the outfit we establish here is on the table too.  Our renovations, and addition to business, should help the community prosper too.  This is the heart of our wish for The Nightshade.

 My vision for The Nightshade is very much in tune with what Mark and Makia started here.  A place for family, shared time, and holistic values as a foundation for building a solid future.  The Nightshade isn’t just a business.  It’s a small piece of magic left over from a different time and place.  What a great place to stay.

We’ll be keeping up with the farm stand.  We may be catering and serving food too.  My passion for the culinary arts is still strong.  I’m just changing the venue.  The Nightshade!  Come see what we’ve got cooking! 

 America at it’s best.

 Come over and remember what it is like to be cared for by family.